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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

CashCrate offer guide

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Step 1: Log into CashCrate, and open your offer. Enter you e-mail address.

Step 2: Enter your information, try to make it as valid as possible. (Maybe change a few things.)

Step 3: Ignore pop-ups, and click skip/pass/no thanks on all of the offers that come up.

Step 4: If a page like this comes up, hold ALT and = to select NO to all of the offers. If you doesn't work on your computer, just press Tab -> (Right arrow) over and over.

Step 5/6: Sometimes it tells you to say YES to one of the offers. Click OK and click yes to one of the offers. You don't have to complete it, you can just skip it.

Step 7/8: Once you get to the below page, read what it says. "Complete # offers to claim your gift." This means you should click # offers. You don't have to complete them. Then click submit.

Step 9: Do the same thing for the gold/platinum offers as Step 7. Click # offers, and press submit.

Step 10: It might tell you to click on a lot of offers (4). You can just click the Premium offer if they have one, and you won't have to click 4 offers.

Step 11: Go back to CashCrate, submit your offer, and clear your cookies by pressing and holding CRTL+Shift+Delete. Click reload. Your offer should be credited in anytime from 5 minutes to 2 days.

Step 12: Be credited, be happy. Rinse and repeat.

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