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Saturday, May 9, 2009

What you can make, and tips

What you can Make
You can make anything up to thousands of dollar to a mere 20 dollars. This site works best as a U.S. resident, but it can be attempted if you're outside of the U.S., but it won't be the best.

  • Use valid information for every offer.
  • When you register, put your valid information and address. That's where they'll be sending your check.
  • Clear your cookies after every offer.
  • Ask around of the forums for help, CashCrate forums have the nicest people ever. :)
  • Referrals are a key thing. You can earn money without even trying.
How to fill out offers: (the 25 cent ones)

1. Open the offer. Enter your spare e-mail address.
2. Fill out the form with valid information.
3. Ignore any pop-ups.
4. Go through the ENTIRE "survey" of yes/no offers. You usually have to say "yes" to at least one, but there will be a "skip/pass/no thanks" option on the page it takes you to.
5. The last page will say "Last Steps", "Final Steps", or "Silver Offers". Click on two of the offers, and let them finish loading. You don't have to fill them out.
6. Go back to CashCrate, submit the offer, and you're done!

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